Dr. Alicia I. Armitstead

Dr. Armitstead earned her Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) and Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degrees from the University of Bridgeport and University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College (UBCC). While enrolled at UBCC, she attended over 250 hours of seminars on topics including applied kinesiology, sports injuries, rehabilitation, neurology, and nutrition. She became certified in Applied Kinesiology in May 2006. She is one of only a handful of practitioners in New York City to be certified as a Master in Nutrition Response Testing.  She developed her own technique of muscle testing the chakras to help patients with blocked chakra energy.  She wanted to take the chakra work one step further, outside of the treatment room and into a yoga studio, so patients could benefit from the opening of chakras while exercising.  Health really is mind, body and Spirit!

Nova Landaeus


Nova is a competitive salsa dancer and teacher with Nieves Latin Dance Studio and an avid student in all dance & movement modalities. Certified as a Reiki practitioner, Nova is currently studying under Dr. Alicia Armitstead to become a practitioner of Nutrition Response Testing. With an extensive training in classical ballet from the Joffrey Ballet School, moving and dancing are her way of life. Dedicated to a life of growth & learning, Nova marvels at everyday magic and is endlessly curious to learn from others at every opportunity.