There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakras, according to yoga philosophy. Each chakra has a certain location, color and correlation to specific body parts, mental thoughts and emotional moods. When the energy center, or chakra, is blocked or weak physical or emotional dysfunction can occur. When we release the blocked energy it can undo tightness, stiffness, or malfunction in the body or the mind. There are many different ways of releasing the energy and movement through exercise is a great way! That’s why we developed Chakra Class.

After having a good workout people leave the class feeling lighter and rejuvenated.  What a great way to reduce stress and feel better!

If you get to class a few minutes early we can muscle test your chakras to find out which ones are weak and then afterwards we can test again to see how the Chakra Class helped your chakras and what chakra(s) may need more attention.  Detailed information about each chakra can be found here.

During each class the instructor will go through exercises and movements that will open up each chakra with more time emphasized on ‘the chakra of the week’.  See schedule to see what chakra is emphasized on what week.

Specific chakra music has been created using the piano and crystal sounding bowls to play during each class while essential oils are used as well.  In this way chakras are opened by the senses of smell and hearing as well and not just movement.

To read more about each chakra check out our blog!