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Chakras in Harmony

  • Skinny Bar and Lounge 174 Orchard Street New York, NY, 10002 United States (map)

Dr. Armitstead is fortunate enough to have collaborated with other healing professionals in writing a book about Chakras.  Here is a short excerpt from the chapter she wrote in Harmony in Chakras:

I will never forget the first time I worked with chakra energy in my office.  Sarah was a 34 year old woman suffering from anxiety and depression.  I had been working with her for about 6 weeks on dietary and lifestyle changes and designing a clinical nutrition program with whole food supplements to help her.  She was reporting a little improvement but it wasn’t the progress I was expecting.
In my healing work I use muscle testing as a tool to help identify what nutritional support the body needs to heal.  Using muscle testing I screen for heavy metals, heavy chemicals, immune stressors like bacteria, viruses, fungus, and parasites and food sensitivities using homeopathic vials. Any of those things can cause an imbalance in the body and can lead to symptoms; in Sarah’s case, depression and anxiety.  
Muscle testing is based on quantum physics. E=mc2. So if energy equals mass times the speed of light squared then anything with mass has energy and we are using that energy and muscle testing to get a response from the body. This response allows us to know what energy is disrupting the body and make very specific lifestyle and supplement recommendations for that person based on the muscle testing. 
I had been using this technique for years and seen great results with depression and anxiety so when Sarah came in that day and wasn’t getting the results I expected I wanted to go deeper into the emotional component with her about her anxiety and depression and since muscle testing is my tool I decided to muscle test the chakras for the first time and see what would happen.  
Up to this point I knew what chakras were from a very superficial point.  I knew they were energy centers in the body each correlating with certain emotions.  The red one had to do with feeling safe and being at home in your body, the orange one had to do with our sexuality…and so forth.  I wasn’t even sure of the proper names, just the colors.  I had seen pendulums used before in testing chakras so I thought if pendulums can pick it up then maybe muscle testing can too.  So this time instead of muscle testing the organs, with Sarah’s permission, I put my hand in the energy center just a half-inch off the body to see what would happen.  To my surprise, but I guess it shouldn’t have been surprising, the body responded!

To get your signed copy of the book and learn more about Chakras and how I muscle test them come to the book launch!
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