How to Express the Throat Chakra

If your Throat Chakra is STRONG, you are good at voicing out your thoughts, ideas and emotions to those around you. You're admired for your willpower and strong communication skills, and your conviction to speak the truth, even if it may be uncomfortable to some. Your career and personal life are enriched as a result.
If your Throat Chakra is WEAK or CLOSED, you constantly feel like nobody cares about your opinions, and that you have nothing of value to say. You're likely to be known as the 'quiet one' in your professional and social circles, and you frequently settle with following other people's opinions. You may suffer from a sore throat or thyroid problems.

In general, the throat chakra is blue in color and is about transformation and healing. It gives to change through speech, writing and thoughts. Besides a closed throat chakra affecting the throat and thyroid it can also affect the neck, skin, ears, general inflammation, back pain, and teeth.

Energetically, gemstones that help the throat chakra are aquamarine, azurite, turquoise and lapis lazuli.

Stored anger from solar plexus is released here. Anger itself is not a bad thing. It helps us know when something needs to change. How anger is expressed is when we get ourselves into trouble with others. When we feel anger we either act on it right away, raising our voice or ignore it and bury it deep down. The key is to express what it is that is making you angry in a self controlled way without emotion. So the next time you feel angry:
1) stop and think to figure out the real cause of anger
2) accept it or change it. Most of the time the change needs to come from within, not without
3) take appropriate steps to change. If the change needs to occur within, inner work can include a change in belief, a reframing of a situation by putting yourself in the other person's shoes, meditation, journaling, talk therapy, exercise, etc.
4) if without, agree on a time to sit down with the other person. Pick a neutral time when neither of you are emotional and explain how the situation isn't meeting your needs and what change you would like to happen. Explain what it is you feel you need and if the other person needs anything from you to make that happen. Hopefully the other person is able and willing to listen and make changes. If he/she isn't then it is not a partnership but someone wanting power over you. It would be best to draw boundaries further away from that person if you can.

The throat chakra is healed by sound. So chanting is a good thing to do if you have a weak throat chakra. If you are new to chanting then start with 'Om' for 5 minutes and see how it feels. Gargling with salt water, singing, screaming (pillow therapy), and laughing also help. Laughing actually helps all chakras. 

Each chakra responds to a certain musical note. The throat chakra corresponds to the note “G”. Signing bowls are an easy way to create a note and are fun to play with. You can use it is before meditation to set the mood and after meditation to seal in the good energy.

Foods that nourish your throat chakra are liquids in general: water, fruit juices, herbal teas. Tart or tangy fruits: lemons, limes, grapefruit, kiwi. Other tree growing fruits: apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots, etc. Spices include: salt, and lemon grass.

The following poses help open and balance your throat chakra:
1) Plow Pose, Halasana

This posture provides very strong opening for both throat and heart chakras.

Both the throat and the heart are protected in the front and exposed and opened at the back.

This is different from how we usually open the throat or heart chakra. Most of the time we open the front of the body. We are doing something new here. Changing our pattern of opening.

The posture is called the plow pose, because symbolically, we are "plowing" through the field to implant new patterns of behavior which serve us better in our lives.

You may find that you will need a folded towel underneath your shoulders.

Lie on your back with your arms by your side. Breathe in.
On an out breath, bend your knees and bring your thighs up towards your belly.
Engage your core muscles and lift your bottom off the floor.
Place your heads on your lower back and begin to straighten your legs upwards.
Stabilize in this posture and take a few breaths. Allow your face, scalp, and neck to release. Observe your breath.
When you feel you released tension from your face, neck and shoulders and your breathing is even and steady, slowly drop one leg behind your head.
If your breath remains steady, drop the other leg behind your head.
Hold the posture for few breaths and visualize your throat and heart chakra gently opening to the power and flow of energy.

2) Fish Pose, Matsyasana

With this throat chakra yoga pose, you open the front of your neck. When you are in this pose, visualize blue light coming into your throat chakra. See your chakra spinning and vibrating with energy.

Feel the power of self-expression in your throat. Visualize yourself in a situation where you want to express yourself and your feelings. Feel your own truth.

Sit on the floor with your legs fully extended in front of you.
Place your hands on the floor behind you, with your fingertips just underneath your buttocks.
Slowly move your elbows out of the way and allow the head to go back. Always maintain control, never allow the head to just flop back.
Level yourself on the crown so you feel supported.
Continue moving your arms out of the way.
You can either let your arms rest at your side, or you can bring your palms together over your heart in a prayer position. This will enhance the flow of prana in the upper body.

Cobra Pose and Camel Pose are not only for opening your heart chakra, but also excellent throat chakra yoga poses as well.

Throat Chakra Affirmation

I have something to say

Let me choose my words carefully

These words are a creative expression of my truth

They communicate my sense of integrity

An honest reflection of what I think and feel

I thoughtfully put words together to co-create with Spirit my heart's desire

May these words empower me and you as you listen and understand what I have to say.